My New Hero

Once I stopped weeping, I wanted to track down this beautiful young man and hold him to let him know that everything will get better.

But, by the end of the video, I realized he already knows that.

Heroes come in many a various guise. Here’s a face of the New World Hero. The bilious hatred from the Republican politicians hellbent on halting and destroying all anti-bullying legislation is palpable, but they are on the wrong side of history. I’m not naive to believe the old proverb “Love makes the world go round…”. That’s an ideal fallacy borrowed from an old Broadway musical (CARNIVAL, if you care). It’s actually hate and greed and war and prejudice that twirls this world. But there is enough love to balance such innate antipathy. And there is Jonah Mowry…

So, please, Jonah, wherever you are…please know that, as cliched as it is to say it,  there is good in the world. And please also understand that you are wrong – there are not a million reasons for you to be here, as you bravely state in your vid – the actual number is far beyond what you can possibly think. You are stronger than the hate, braver than the bullies, you tower the cowards. You are a man.

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up…




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