We Hold Their (Un)Truths To Be Self-Evident…And Obvious

Faces of Hate - Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg of FRC

There are plenty of fundamentally, inherently stupid people in the world, as we all know, especially in politics (hello Queen of the Morons Sarah Palin and greetings Ol’ Crazy Eyes Michelle Bachmann – who, BTW, still refuses to debate 16-yr old Amy Myers after a tsunami of idiotic “facts” spewed from Bachmann resulted in Myers’ requesting the debate), but only a genuine mental midget would NOT call the Family (ha!) Research Council a hate group. But, a hate group they are, and have been deemed so by Southern Poverty Law Center – and they’ve been boo-hoo-hooing the new lapel since they were branded with that truth late last year. I mean, you’d think they’d revel in it, as hate groups on par with the FRC – e.g. irrelevant cow Maggie Gallagher’s National Organization of Marriage, Lou Sheldon’s The Traditional Values Coalition, zany crackpot Donald E. Wildmon’s The American Family Association and my favorite, closet queen Peter LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth About Homosexuality – are so brazen in their animosity that it’s almost comical! But, just in case anyone actually needed proof of their innately invidious rhetoric and loathsome politicking, seeing – and hearing – is believing.


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