For The Bible Tells Me So…

...for the bible tells me so...


The hypocrisy of the rampant maniacal religious enmity that pollutes this great America has been so remarkably covered, in the most scissor-like detail, that it’s astounding that anything else needs to be – or could be – said to debunk the fiery hatred that seethes from the pores of the perpetrators. Especially when it comes to the basic human rights of gay men and women.

The almost weekly exposition of the ungodly acts of so-called godly men and women can always be found on many, many websites, and my favorite is Joe Jervis’ great Joe My God. And Joe not only exposes the false virtue of the religious right (and left), the anti-marriage hate-mongers, and religion overall, but also the mendacity of the wacko Conservatives and Tea Bagger movement (how come it thrills me still that a political movement has unknowingly named itself after a gay sex act? Oh, the irony!!!)

A few years ago, I updated the famous “Dear Dr. Laura” meme that spread throughout the Internet (do people still use the term “internet”?) after her risible remarks about homosexuality became national headline news. You can read my alteration HERE).

But I realized, only today after coming across fellow Tweeter Corbin’s twitpic posted above, that perhaps the decades-long fight for human rights could’ve been avoided if only this simple lesson plan would’ve been taught in every pre, middle and high school for decades.

How simple chalk and a blackboard makes the most complex of issues.


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