Christmas Angel, Sing To Me…

Even as an unapologetic non-believer in myths and fairies and angels (you know, religion), I’ve always adored Christmas and all that it entails – the principle of the holiday, the spirit of love and compassion and the ideal of peace-on-Earth-good-will-toward-men.  Naïve, perhaps, maybe even foolish; some might proclaim (as I did last year on this very blog) that the reality is that it is not love that makes the world go round, but money, greed, hate and intolerance. And, more often than not, it is masqueraded in the religious dogma that, ironically – and speciously – enough, it alleges opposition to. But I never let that reality imbue my unabashed immersion of Christmas time.

As a (read: wannabe) songwriter/(read: wannabe) self-proclaimed poet, I wrote this many, many years ago, and while the innate message is of hope and love, this Christmas poem was crafted during my dark ages – a period in my life I look back upon only in abstract awe that I ever survived. Perhaps those stories are better left hidden within the storehouses of my soul. But whatever demons resurrected in my lifetime, I, again, never let them deter my adoration of the holiday spirit.

What has made my heart smile over the years is knowing that friends I cherish love this little poem. Especially those with children. After copyrighting it years ago, I hand-wrote it (ah, the lost art of the handwritten word!) inside the Christmas cards I sent that year and the response was lovely and surprising. It was such a simple poem – it actually rhymed! – yet, throughout the following years friends told me they actually read it to their children! How can my soul not gleam at the thought that my unsophisticated words of hope in darkness would bring such light to others? I was honored and deeply humbled. As I still am.

And, as simple as it might be, it is how I feel throughout the holidays…and I share it here for the first time because if it can possibly put the smallest smile on a face, then it’s worth sharing. It’s not a monumental work of staggering genius. It is not of epic proportions.  But it, simply, is. And I wish for all who read this – friends, family, strangers – the most magical of holidays. Set asunder your beliefs or non-beliefs, whatever your religious or non-religious persuasions. Forgo the animosity you might imbibe in a world you might find indifferent.  Even for a scintilla of a moment, will it hurt for anyone to just…believe?



Christmas Angel
(a holiday dream…)

Where is the snow at Christmastime?
Where are the songs that I sing in rhyme?
They’re inside your heart and they ring in time
Open your soul…let your soul shine

Christmas angel
Sing to me
Don’t abandon me
Santa Claus
I need you now
Don’t want the Grinch
Coming around

So I dance in the flight of the snow-white dove
As I swallow the flakes as they land on my tongue
And I carol all night to the ivory and pine
With chestnuts afire…an intervention divine?
While the children playing with the snowman, pleased
Creating snow angels at the trunks of the trees
And I thank you, Christmas angel, for bringing me here
Even ol’ Mr. Scrooge full of holiday cheer

Christmas angel
Sings to me
Lets me fly on her wing
And Santa Claus has come to town
I knew he’d never let me down
He never ever lets me down

@1996 SageSong Musings


One comment

  1. Love your Christmas Poem…
    I see Little Jeff all there in the snow,
    making snow angels…Oh, Come to Thee, Let me sing
    to you my sleeping Angel…as the Christmas Lights Begin to fade…we slip into another year…Hoping this one will be a better one…that brings us closer together…ooh…Let Me hear you Sing…Christmas Angel…

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