Hawaii Five-OMG!

I had no intention of watching CBSs retread of the cheesey 1960s-1980 crime drama of the same name, but maybe – just maybe – I could convince myself a jump in the Hawaii Five-0 waters might be a refreshing splash for the soul.

I have to admit that besides the trailer for the latest Jennifer Lopez bomb, THE BREAK-UP PLAN, I’ve never heard of Alex O’Loughlin. But Rob has loved him since obsessing over his short-lived I-Was-A-Vampire-Before-Vampires-Were-Cool 2006 series, “Moonlight”.

I should have paid more attention.

O’Loughlin will take Jack Lord’s legendary Det. Steve McGarrett role. While I’ve never been witness to it, I doubt Lord ever looked like this in a pair of blue swim trunks.

(Photo courtesy or ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY)


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