Music Box: ♫♪ Johnette, I’m Not Angry Anymore…♫♪

Oh, you were a vampire...and I may never see the light...


The Joey allude of the headline aside, of course I hold no antagonism toward Johnette Napolitano. True, post-WALKING IN LONDON, Concrete Blonde’s releases mostly meandered through head-scratchers and curios, while Johnette’s contributions to the otherwise dire NO TALKING, JUST HEAD fiasco were that Talking Heads offshoot’s only (barely) palliative moments.  But anger? Of course not. They became my favorite band the moment I heard the opening guitar crunch of their great God Is A Bullet single from their second album, 1989s FREE, which morphed into near obsession by the time their 1990 masterpiece BLOODLETTING was released – the bands 3rd album became my #1 album of the same year, and Top 10 of the decade. Her hauntingly beautiful reading of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” (from the soundtrack to the film WICKER PARK and her unjustly overlooked 2007 solo CD SCARRED) ranks in the tops of my most beloved cover songs.

Napolitano has long been one of my personal favorite Rock N Roll singers – a sadly unheralded (by those not in the know) exemplary vocalist, bassist and songwriter (her list of various credits could be found on her Wicki page profile HERE).

So, you could imagine how I trembled with orgasmic pleasure when I clicked onto Slicing Up Eyeballs (one of my regular go-to music blogs) and read the following:

Details are scant, but it appears Concrete Blonde is reuniting this summer after a five-year split to mark the 20th anniversary of Bloodletting by going on tour and performing the 1990 album — with its crossover hit “Joey” and fan fave “Tomorrow, Wendy” — live in its entirety.

On its website, the band — the longtime core of singer/bassist Johnette Napolitano and guitarist James Mankey — has posted the cover of Bloodletting and this cryptic message: “Joey’s 20th Birthday / The Vampires Rise / Summer 2010″ (shown above).

At least one tour date, however, has emerged: Concrete Blonde is scheduled to perform Bloodletting in its entirety — and Napolitano will be available for a meet-and-greet with paying fans — on June 21 at the Arvada Center for the Arts just outside of Denver, Colo.

I’m not sure what mighty powers I need to imbue the universe with, or what supernatural forces are necessary – and I don’t want to sound like a 9-year old girl who’s missing out on Justin Bieber tickets – but if this tour doesn’t pass through NY, “Like, OMG, I’ll die!” I simply cannot…will not…I refuse to miss this.  A fucking meet-and-greet? Oh, sweet Mother Earth…

So, Johnette, if you’re listening (or if you’ll actually read the 500 e-mail’s I’m sure to imminently send), please do not forsake your New York fans…do not  forsake ME! Please sing me…nay, sing US a


When the sky has fallen
Like a blanket on your shoulder
And the moon is like a mother
Looking over you forever
And the dawn is so familiar
You were meant to be together
Like a fog around a mountain…forever

So softly…so sweetly
Surrounding you completely
Sing you a lullaby, a lullaby to you
Lullaby…a lullaby to you

When your breathing is the wind
And your crying is the rain
Well i know you will remember
Because the music is forever
The living of a lover –
And the loving of another
Like a sister to a brother
Like a father to a mother

So softly…so close to me
You’re surrounding me so beautifully
Lullaby…a lullaby to you


One comment

  1. Seems vaguely reminiscent of The Cure…….Lullaby….. softly, breathing, surrounding etc minus Spiderman.

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