Ratz In A Cage


It’s no secret my disdain for religion, but especially the Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the malevolent Pope Benedict.  Well, in light of the ever-more prevalent crimes against humanity that have been brought to life in recent weeks, I felt the need to revisit this classic moment in TV.

I literally cheered Sinead O’Connor then and always will, for her steadfast truth, her honesty, her powerful conviction – and for one of the supreme moments in the history of TV; castigating the despicable Pope John Paul and the cesspool of debased humanity known as the Vatican for their crimes against children and their millions of stupid, foolish sheep. She was castigated, she was maligned, her career halted in its tracks…and she was right.

The satanic forces of the Catholic church, the Pope and the Vatican as a whole, historically – and still today – has been a purely evil institution, whose sole purpose of existing is to thwart the free will of their blinded flock, to rape their children, to pillage their bank accounts, to pass judgment and condemnation on humanity via archaic tomes they themselves created, while having no morality themselves. Harsh? No. Truth.

I dedicate this to the current, wicked Pope AKA Joseph Alois RATZinger AKA Pimp Benedict/Beelzebub. Finally – FINALLY – his participation in these crimes is coming to a light brilliant enough to brighten the darkest caverns of time.

Fight the real enemy? FIGHT THE REAL ENEMIES!


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