Legacy: Happy Birthday, Barbara Jean

…this song was written for my mother on July 24, 1984, (but I dedicate it to all mothers)…when she died in 1993, I looked at this song again and remembered a conversation she and I had, briefly before her passing…about how she had forgotten what happiness was truly about, married to my father all those years…and how grateful she was to me for rescuing her. While it wasn’t her choice to die, I believe she waited until she was away from him…so she wouldn’t die miserable…and, now, she may have finally found that long, lost happiness…

Happy Birthday, Barbara Jean Basso…Mother Hindsight…mother of us all…

Mother Hindsight

Silent mother cries in the rain
and asks will it stop coming
in her life the pain remains
No more loving

Quiet mother walks on the moon
bows her head in prayer
the struggle of her million runes
And the wish is still there

In her life nothing ever changes
Nothing remains to dream
When I see her crying in her pillow
I think of the streams
Candlelight in the night
Darken the light
Mother hindsight
Relieve your insight

I hear the echoes of her lifetime
Screaming in my mind
Her kingdom of candlelight seems
to slowly unwind
Quiet mother walks on the moon
bows her head with prayer
Cries for the litany
and wishes she wasn’t there

Silent mother don’t fade away
The tears will somehow pass
Mother Hindsight
Will your sanity last…

@SageSongMusings 1984


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