Bigotry In Motion

Ah!! Homophobia and sports!  A long-standing lovefest unmatched by nothing else.  Here’s the latest example of bigotry in motion:

from JOEMYGOD via John Aravosis from AmericaBlog:

Sayeth John:

One simple question. If the ad called a show of affection between blacks and whites “weird” and “disgusting,” would you find it just as funny? The point of the joke is that a man showing affection to another man is weird and disgusting. It’s subtle homophobia – actually it’s not subtle at all, at one point the one guy moves away from the other out of fear he may touch him. Gay-bashing is not acceptable from ESPN or the NBA, or the idiotic ad firm that came up with this ad. Every year we have a new ad that pokes fun at the notion that a man might show affection to another man. They wouldn’t make fun of inter-racial affection, so why are gays fair game?

And anyone out there who thinks this ad is much ado about nothing, where do you think kids learn to hate gays, and adults learn to kill gays? From their friends, and their icons. Shaq just told millions of kids that it’s weird and disgusting for another guy to show him affection. Lesson learned.

To which I might add, what would the beer-guzzling, fag-hatin’ sports fanatics do if the dozen or so closeted ‘big name’ jocks (and there are at LEAST a dozen) all decided to come out of their multi-million dollar closets at the same time?


One comment

  1. Disagree. This didn’t look like fear of gays, but two guys disagreeing. As a straight man, I know that coziness gay men like, we don’t. Call it our preference. And I never beat up anybody who didn’t start a fight with me. Gay or straight. I’ve fought both. No dif to me.

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