My New Boyfriend

Pic really doesn’t need a caption:

(Photo courtesy

I love a good photoshopping. says “we wish the T-shirts people were wearing would tell the world the real truth about them”.  Agreed.  I say the dude’s “look” says more than he’s willing to share (he’s wearing a thumb ring on his right hand, for chrissakes), so thanks Holytaco!  I don’t know what’s more distracting, though, his douchebag haircut, his douchebag puckered lips, his douchebag fashion sense (I hate a t-shirt half tucked in) the stripper (I mean, I assume) he’s draped over, his douchebag tan-in-a-can hue, or his not-so douchebag, uhhh, low right-hanger.



  1. The Photoshopped slogan on his shirt elicited the loudest guffaw from me, but, truly, the entire picture is filled with one laughter-inducing detail after another.

    By the way, Jeffrey, “douchebag” has been my favorite saying as of late. It’s the most accurate description for quite a large number of people.

  2. douchebag puckered lips…
    it’s called “the michael lucas”…
    jesus jeff, don’t you watch porn any more??
    “quick take a picture so my mom will think I’m straight and banging you”
    is what it should say…

  3. Darlin’, but how can you miss this one. She’s not a stripper, she’s the bartender. Note the black hankie/unsanitary hand cloth hanging from the belt loop and the top shelf liquors behind them, not to mention the glassware.

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