Land Of The “Lost”

I’m not one of those “Lost” fanatics who spelunk the Internet in a seemingly silly sojourn for secret clues and hints or spoilers.  I’ve enjoyed the serial over the years for it’s enthralling storytelling as much as I’ve been frustrated by its inertia during pivotal moments/seasons.  My brothers Scott and Sean (and more than a few friends) have implored me to watch the show on DVD, where the interminable breaks and repeats that have scarred it’s reputation during and since season 2 are rendered non-existent.  That is something I might do, once upon a future, but with my DVR filled, it’s an impossibility at this point.

I do have hopes for the imminent season – after all, last year’s was the best since the first.  Sometimes confounding, sure, at times curious, yet always electrifying, the flash forward plot-line was ingenious and the acting was never finer.

But, besides those reasons, and at the stake of appearing to be redundant of a million other gay blogs which feature half/near-naked men, here’s one of the top reasons I actually watch “Lost”…

…to see one of the most beautiful men on TV…

Yeah, I get lost (ha!) in his, uhhh, eyes. Yeah, those too.

(Shirtless photos courtesey Kenneth Walsh)



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