All Hail The Queen (Of The…OBSCENE?)

Poor Aretha Franklin.  Not very long ago she was the greatest singer alive.  Nowadays, due to her gargantuan weight (which has grown alongside her ego), you can add punchline to the many monikers.  Her performance at today’s Presidential Inauguration will not halt the sure-to-be tsunami of ridicule and late night talk show fodder.  Not only because she’s lost her voice, but because of this:



And I’m not just talking about that hat (which has already garnered thousands upon thousands of searches on Google)…


…really, Aretha?  “My CUNT…(pause)…try tis of thee…”  Ew.  And HAHAHAHA!


To me, she’ll always be the greatest female Rock/Soul/R&B/Pop singer who ever lived, so I actually love her more for unknowingly utilizing my favorite cuss word.



  1. For me, her hat was rivaled by my other favorite parts of the Inauguration: Cheney in the wheelchair, Pedophile Warren doing a dramatic reading of the Lion King (Malia! Saaaaa-scha!) and, of course, Rev. Lowery making sure the red man can get ahead, man….

  2. Some people just don’t know when to step down. I love her too, but her day (and voice) has past.

    As for the hat, I’ve seen worse on better.

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