We Interrupt Our Regular My New Boyfriend Postings For A Special Holiday Message



Sick of the Christmas music that has permeated the airwaves like a cancer since Thanksgiving?  Too bad – here’s my Christmas gift to you – some of my favorite holiday tunes (or at least the ones that have accompanying visuals).  So, sit back, eat some more, and enjoy!



The Queen of Rock N Roll does “Silent Night” with two-hit wonder Robbie Nevil~




The legendary Kate Bush’s haunting Christmas composition~




One of the great voices in Pop music history singing my favorite Christmas song~




One of the great love songs of the 80s…seriously.  While the song has nothing to do with Christmas, it has since become a holiday staple due to its rather traditionalist video~




Bruce, from the Conan show~




You could have chosen any Darlene Love/Letterman appearance (the woman still has near-flawless pipes!), so I randomly selected 2006s~




Christmas + Tom Waits + A Hooker In Minneapolis = Holiday Gold~




A great Run-DMC track from “A Very Special Christmas”~




David Bowie + Bing Crosby?  ‘Nuff said~




A Blues Christmas message from Charles Brown~




Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra~




A rather grim disposition, but a great song nevertheless~




A lovely performance~




Judy, Judy, Judy~




From the only listenable Mariah Carey album ever recorded~




The only positive thing one can surmise about that Jim Carey Grinch film was a new holiday classic~





And, last but not least – THE WORST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER RECORDED, just for the fun of it~




HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey Bitch…were’s my xmas card?

    I love all these videos….

    Bless you on this happy holiday…

    coz december will always be magic….

    light the christmas lights…

    an’ this candle’s light
    is the only way
    back to my heart…
    so if you follow it
    it will remain forever
    your guiding star…ooh
    don’t you know
    how much I loved you…
    even after all this time…ooh
    and still I wait…for your return…ooh

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