My New Top 10

Well, since I had NONE of the following gadgets/toys, I’m still searching for the root of my evil.  Perhaps watching Liza in “Cabaret” at the impressionable young age of 9?  Maybe watching the Tony Awards since I could crawl?  Perchance, me twirling about in my grandmother’s knee-high boots, enveloped in her shawl, singing “Rhiannon” when I was 10?   Or my indelible crush on my neighbor’s older brother.  Oh, so many theories abound!!!

Of course, the only actuality of truth is that I WAS BORN THIS WAY.  And I’ve been having the time of my life since.

But, I digress.  Here is one YouTuber’s list of…The Top 10 Toys That Made Me (And You) Gay!!!!

Correction – I DID have a variation of #1 – his name was Gary and he lived next door…


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