My New Hero(es)

Last Tuesday, we celebrated a triumphant, joyous day in American history by electing the first African-American President of the United States.  It was a great moment for America for reasons that a thousand pundits have bestowed in the days since, a million blogs have celebrated, and the majority of Americans have waited for, for eight long, tortuous, dehumanizing years.  Not only because of the historical social significance, but because a new reign of intelligentsia was once again going to lead our country from the depths of hillbilly hell, to form an even more perfect Union.  So, indeed it was a most incredible day. 

But, some would argue, it wasn’t such a great day for GAY Americans. 

I’ve been silent on commenting on California’s Prop 8 because it is so beyond the confounded, so inherently wrong, so devoid of humanity that it rendered me speechless.  Others far more intellectual, philosophical and coherent than I have set ablaze the viral fires of justice – and trust me when I say that this is far, far from over – but one can’t stay inert for too long without feeling that ones proverbial head will explode.

Friends will tell me, “But Jeffrey, you’re against ANY marriage ANYWAY, so why do you care!”  And I would only argue that ‘against’ was/is too harsh a word.  I’ve always said that since marriage begat from religion, and to me all religion is voodoo bullshit, then I have no interest. Especially when you factor in the statistics (you know, 50% blah blah blah).

I was (am, really) perfectly fine with “Civil Unions” or “Domestic Partnership” or any other label they wanted branded upon us. Let them keep the dreaded “M” word – I would never call my partner my “husband” – that’s monumentally stupid. “I now pronounce you husband and husband”?  How profoundly ridiculous that sounds!  He’s my partner, period.  Life-partner if you will. 

That said, as a ‘civil union’ or a ‘domestic partner’, I (you, we) should – by all human civility, propriety and logic – be granted the same rights that ‘traditional marriage’ confers.  There are currently over a thousand rights and privileges that come with being a straight married couple that gay couples are not afforded as ‘domestic partners’. 

But, this ain’t about what I believe or MY issues anyway.  It’s about what’s right and wrong.  If I don’t want to get ‘married’, that’s MY DECISION.  No. One. Else’s. And anyone should have that right to marry if that’s their wish.  EVERYONE.  ANYONE.

There are so many reasons that this is more a caricature than a miscarriage of justice, but it can easily can be summed in 2 words: EQUAL RIGHTS.  The monumental AUDACITY to not only deny love and commitment, but to strip away the almost 20,000 same-sex marriages that have already occurred in California, is beyond any absolute logic and decimates the most basic human components.

I’m not going to filibuster or pontificate here on my little corner of the web – I can’t, without ranting like a lunatic. As aforementioned, I’ll leave that to the far more diligent, the more intelligent, the less-easily frustrated, the real American heroes who have a far brawnier intestinal fortitude than I can ever muster.  I can scream from the mountain tops until my lungs are set ablaze, but I’ll just let the blog-o-sphere speak on my (OUR) behalf (I am content with the knowledge hope that this will be turned over in California’s Supreme Court.  I have to be…).

Or, I’ll just let Keith Olbermann sum up this latest travesty in America’s short history.  I know most of you have probably seen this in all its profundity, as it has bulleted across the information superhighway (is that moniker still relevant?) like lightning, but if you haven’t, it’s worth hearing and watching again.  Especially, if your blood runs red and your heart is true.  Love.  What a concept.



If you wish to follow some online heroes of the cause, read these daily (I do – but also because they’re damned good blogs):




 Michelangelo Signorile (Click HERE  to hear a caller to Signorile’s radio show that personifies the hate that gay Americans who want EQUAL rights are dealing with.  Multiply this hag by millions and you understand what common human dececny is up against).


These guys are just three of a prodigious group of online activists human beings at the battle forefront of the affront of decency.  I surmise it might be time to join in on the brigade. 




  1. I’ve been ranting about this issue for years. It is inconceivable to me and counter-intuitive that we just achieved one historical milestone (electing a black man as president) and took 10,000 steps backwards overturning the CA marriage law. Un. fucking. real.

    I’m in San Fran right now and there’s a big rally here about it this weekend. I want to go.


  2. Jeffrey, thank you so much for posting this. I immediately mailed that youtube video to all of my friends. I agree with what Olbermann had to say. With all of the drunken Vegas weddings, the legal act of marriage is not the same as the “sanctity of marriage”. Those are two separate arguments. I believe that we can make progress (albeit slowly), just as we’ve now seen an African-American president elected, I hope we’ll someday see gay marriage allowed in all states.

  3. What? I’m soooo disappointed Jeffrey! All my dreams, Shattered. NO bridesmaids…..or hot sexy best-men. That gorgeous outfit I had designed for that special day, walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, the rings,my bouquet, the rice, the cake, the threshold……..happily ever after? Why cant we have a wedding ? I now pronounce you , Husband and Husband……Jeffrey please dont do this to us…….. PLease, my Love, change your mind………I’m on my knees…..? marry me ? your domestic partner, Rob eeehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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