My New Prophecy

Hmmm ~ interestin’! The date of the supposed END OF THE WORLD is December 21 2012.  I mean, It sorta makes sense, no? That would be right near the end of President Palin’s first term in office…and if anyone can destroy mankind, it’s her and her ilk. 

PS – before you ask: Please. NO, I don’t believe this.



  1. So, um, a few years ago the man who wrote the Politically Correct bedtime stories wrote “Apocalypse Wow.” Some funny stuff. A little outdated perhaps, what with the Monica Lewinsky as possible candidate for Whore of Babylon schtick, but still a good read.

  2. I could make up a scenario about when a President Obama reveals his true face and we find the Anti-Chist isn’t necessarily white like in the movies and the Islamists take over the earth… Come on. We have different politics, but do not believe leftists want to destroy the earth.

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