My New Lunch Meat

I’ll never look at Rocky and Bullwinkle the same, ever!




  1. That was a fantastic video! And I appreciate the recipe, haven’t went squirrel hunting yet. Most hunting time is in pursuit of whitetails.

  2. That looked delicious! Kinda like tuna. I believe everyone should know how to feed themselves, come what may. And hunting for your meals is a great way to start. I want to have eaten every type of creature. After all, I wouldn’t have thought venison would be so good until I tried it. Or rabbit. Or boar. Or ostrich. If you are squeemish, fine. If not, eat hearty!

  3. I feed the squirrels that come into my backyard. They hunt ’em down with a rifle and make a sandwich out of them. *sighs*

    I can’t be hypocritical about it, because I DO eat meat (mmm…. pepperoni… *drools*), but — at the same time — it just seems so unnecessary to go out in the woods and shoot a little squirrel.

    I’ve been around enough kids his age to know he’d have been just as happy if she’d have served him PB&J.

  4. Sorry, hun, but I can totally relate to her point of view. I am all for sustenance hunting and I don’t think anyone would hunt squirrel for sport.

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