Politico: Prayer Cycle

Granted, there are so many reasons to despise Sarah Palin and why Bill Maher called her a “Category 5 Moron”.  I mean, just click HERE or HERE or hell, there’s a whole list HERE.  And that hilarious interview she did with Charles Gibson didn’t help her secure her intelligence quotient. 

But another solid reason is that Palin’s church wants all the faggots of the world to know that we can PRAY AWAY THE GAY!!!!!!  Yes! With God’s love I can become a self-fulfilled flaming heterosexual! Just like all my divorced, tranny-loving, wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend cheating buddies! 

Oh, shit…what’s an atheist homo like me to do…?

“Oh, Lord! Ooh, you are so big! So absolutely huge!!!!” Did it work?  Oy~

To think, a scant few months ago, Obama was ridiculed for being a parishoner at the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church.  A man who, in the few YouTube clips I listened too, spoke mostly the truth.

But I digress.  In response to the Wasilla Bible Church, filmmaker Sandi Bachom created a charming short film starring gay New Yorkers, who collectively ask imPALINg to pray for them.

Visit Sarah’s YouTube page for more wonderful shorts~


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